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Why You Need This Course

I want to share with you tips that I wish someone would have told me when I started my blogging journey. I know it's hard juggling a full-time job, family, and a side hustle. Whether you are wanting additional income, pursuing creative passions, or just learning new skills, what I want you to know is HOW to do this while also being efficient. That is my goal with this free course for you.

I'm in the beta stages of building out this course, so I want you know that I'll be publishing content on a monthly basis. This course is MY side hustle. My goal is to share everything that I know so that you can start your journey.

How am I making money? My hope is that you will use the affiliate links (only to the services and tools I use and would recommend to my own family and friends) as you find the programs helpful.

I really do hope you start on your journey of blogging on the things you love.

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Course Structure


Blog Business Strategy 3 Lessons

What to Expect from the Course

This is what you can expect from this course and what you can learn from it.

How Blogging Can Transform Your Life (like it did mine)

Learn how just learning how to blog can provide you a creative outlet, network with others, and teach you more skill sets.

Mindset for Blogging Success

Setting up your mental state for blogging.

Project Management of a Blog 4 Lessons

Overview of Project Management for Blogging

Learn the basics of project management and understand how to manage constraints of a business.

Set Goals for Content Publishing

Goals are important, especially if this is a side hustle. You'll want to ensure that your goals are set quarterly and anually.

Project Management Tools - Notion vs Airtable vs Trello

Learn how to use a kanban board (like large enterprises do) to manage your work in two week sprints to ensure that your work gets done.

Organize Content Ideas Using Airtable

In this lesson, you'll learn some of the best techniques for storing all of your ideas for your blog using Airtable. This is one of many tools that you can use.

Create Your Blog in a Single Weekend! 2 Lessons

Setting Up Your Domain with Dreamhost

Learn how to set up your domain name with my tried and true domain provider, Dreamhost. While there are 100% a ton of inexpensive options outside of Dreamhost, I've decided to register ALL of my domain names with Dreamhost. Learn why in this video.

WordPress Backend Tour and Overview

Take a quick tour of the backend of Wordpress and get an overview and feel for how you'll be creating content.

Getting Traffic to Your Blog - All About Search Engines (SEO) 5 Lessons

Being Strategic on Topics to Write About

Learn how to be strategic on the topics that you write about to make sure your content gets discovered.

Workflow and Walk Through of Keyword Research

In this lesson, you'll learn and walk through the workflow for completing keyword research with a variety of tools to make sure that your content has the ability to be discovered and ranked.

SEO Keyword Research Using: Answer the Public

Learn how to use answer the public to create blog content that will drive traffic.

Content Creation Fundamentals 4 Lessons

Content Creation Machine

As a blogger, you need to be a content creation machine or at least learn and KNOW that content creation leads to more traffic. This video explains the why behind it.

Watch Me Write Blog Post – Start to Finish

Here is a complete overview of when I take a blog post from an idea all the way to creating the blog post completed with images!

How to Use Yoast (to add metadata)

Learn what yoast is and how it could help you with ensuring your blog post has what it needs to be indexed and ranked on Google.

Monthly Cleanup and Checklist 1 Lesson


Pinterest - Another Alternative to Generating Additional Search Traffic 4 Lessons

Pinterest Workflow Overview: SEO Keyword Research, Image Tips, and Tailwind

In this lesson, you can see the review of an efficent process for creting Pinterest pins that increase discoverability and lead to more click throughs.

Pinterest Account Setup and Auditing Tips and Tricks

Learn how to ensure that your Pinterest account is successfully setup from Day 1.

Pinterest Content Syndication Strategy (Same Image)

Learn how to create reuse old images and content and feed them through Pinterest.

Data Driven Optimization 2 Lessons

Google Search Console Overview

Learn how you can use Google Search console to help you find keywords for your blog and continue getting traffic to your blog!

Google Analytics Overview

Learn the things you should know about Google Analytics as a new blogger.


Collecting Emails with Lead Magnets 3 Lessons

Overview of Email Funnels (to Drive Traffic)

Learn all about email funnels and how they can help drive traffic to your blog.

Overview of Lead Magnets, Freemiums, and Email Opt-Ins

In this lesson, you are going to learn about the importance of creating your email lists and how you can get new people to sign up to your email lists!


Additional Platform/Channel Strategies 1 Lesson

Email Funnels Using Tags and Segments

In this lesson, learn all about how you can use tags and segments to better understand your audience and feed them the content they need to see.