Start Your Blog Side Hustle 

Learn how to create a blog that makes money even in the margins of life.

Make Money & Pursue Your Passions

Using these curated tips, you can learn how to FOR FREE create an online business that helps you not only put money in the bank, but also provide an amazing creative outlet for you to share your knowledge with the world.

Learn in Course Style Format

Instead of learning from random YouTube videos and blog posts from bloggers selling blogging, this is a free course that has all the instructions in order for how to implement your content publishing strategies.

Insider Tips and Tools

I'm sharing with you the best tips and tools five and six figure bloggers use to help grow their business so that you can start with a good solid foundation rather than having to fumble through trying to figure out which tools to use.

Best Curated Lessons

I've curated the best of the best in terms of the education that I learned, without a lot of the fluff.

Stuck in learning, but not implementing mode?

I get it. There's so much information out there. People are sharing various strategies that work from content creation, SEO, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. There is A LOT of information.

I totally get being a this mode for the early part of this decade. I was constantly on Facebook groups, Reddit forums, and conferences where I was learning the best tips and tricks to getting my content read fast.

But I realized that it was literally about writing good content that is discoverable. Sure, there are a few techniques here and there that can help with the discoverability of your blog. But good content often is what counts. 

start. seriously.

It's Free.

It's free because I want other people who were like me that were raising a family while holding down a career that wanted to start their blog, but never knew which techniques would actually work. Most people know there's a learning curve, but they never start because they feel like there is too much information out there and are afraid of wasting time.

I'm sharing with you the BEST tips on how to start. The catch? Just use my affiliate links that I share (and I only share things that I us) if you like what you are learning and are seeing success. That's it.

About The Course Teacher, Seng Nickerson

I'm a mom to four beautiful kids. I hold down a full-time career with a Fortune 10 company that I got by sharing in my interview the things I've learned from blogging as a side hustle. I love this space and I love educating others on how they can literally make money from sharing things they have a passion in. I got my mom to become a content creator, so I know you can do it too.

It's not hard. You just need a process. Just do it already.

I'm literally giving you the keys to the kingdom. You are going to learn a ton. It might take you a while to get there. But I'm giving you the steps and the processes that worked for me and the multiple times I've stood up an online platform. You can do it too.